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Tuesday, September 7, 2010 2

Just received my orthodics today. Honestly, I have to say, I am ecstatic. For years I was not able to run a lot because I got shin splints whenever I did. At first, we thought it was my shoes. Then I though it was my running form. Then I thought it was because I was fat. I got my form perfect and they were more brutal than ever. So, I did some research and discovered having a flat foot can potentially give shin splints.

That was the hint.

I went to the doctors, got a prescription for orthodics. I had plantar fascitis. So after about 1.5 months, I received them. I can only wear them 3 hours for the first week. Then, after each consequent day, I can add an hour until I get to 24 hours. I'm on my 2nd hour at the moment, and my calves and feet are burning. But in a good way. My muscles are adjusting to the weird shape of my insoles. It feels like there's a tennis ball under my feet. Tomorrow's workout will be fantastic, and I will be sure to post another movie tomorrow, I have been quite busy.

UPDATE: After about a year, these orthodics just look absolutely awful. Can't say they helped too much, to be honest.

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