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Bombardier Pitch Information

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Our research group pitched Bombardier today. Here are a few relevant facts that we gathered, however the most important was the introduction of their new CSeries aircraft. Q3 was just released today too, and it fulfilled our expectations, which were to depress the stock even more just so it rises in due time.

Business Aircraft
At a total retail price exceeding $6.7 billion US, NetJets' order is
the second largest aircraft purchase agreement in the history of
private aviation, second only to NetJets' unprecedented aircraft order
in June of 2012 which included firm orders and options for upto 275
Challenger jets from Bombardier with a potential value of $9.6 billion

-Net ordersf or business aircraft have been increasing

Commercial Aircraft
Subsequent to the end of the quarter, we received a conditional order
from an undisclosed customer for
5 CS100 and 10 CS300 aircraft and we signed a letter of intent with
Air Baltic Corp. for 10 CS300 aircraft. Based on list prices, firm
orders would be valued at $1.02 billion and $764 million,

-Lower demand for commercial aircraft, however the CSeries may spark
some bullishness

Emerging Markets
Significant orders:
Nordic Aviation Capital A/S (Denmark) 12 CRJ1000 NextGen - $595 million
PrivatAir (Switzerland) 5 CS100 5 CS100 $309 million
PT. Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. 6 CRJ1000 NextGen 18 CRJ1000
NextGen $297 million
Eurolot S.A. (Poland) 8 Q400 NextGen 12 Q400 NextGen $246 million
Ethiopian Airlines 5 Q400 NextGen - $160 million

Signed several significant contracts, with: San Francisco Bay Area
Rapid Transit District (BART), U.S., for
410 metro cars, valued at $897 million

Other points:
In the second quarter of 2012, the regions Asia-Pacific and Other had
moderate levels of activity mainly explained
by a temporary slow-down of rail investment in China. We expect growth
in rail investment to resume in China as
well as in other emerging markets, driven by the strong need for
mobility to support rapid urbanization and
continued economic growth

Growth in rail investment in the region Other will continue to be driven
by the Middle East, Brazil and Russia.

In India, investment in mass transit continues to be promising with
multiple cities
expected to invest in metros and monorails

We continued our long-term investment in emerging markets, with: the
opening of the monorail facility in
Hortolândia, Brazil, in April 2012

In North America, the level of activities increased due to major metro
contracts awarded in New York and San
Francisco, which represent a significant share of this marke

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